We have recently been on a six month detailed local expédition to develop a menu that we have fallen in love with. We can tell you where all our ingredients and produce come from. Our salad, beef and vegetables for example are all sourced locally. 

Provenance means knowing the origins of the products we buy, how they were produced and how they were transported to us.

By committing to using local produce, we reduce transportation and food miles, ultimately becoming more sustainable.

By buying from small, local businesses or directly from the producer, we support smaller, independent suppliers and in turn help our community by injecting money into our immediate economy.

We know our customers look for the best quality food and drink possible. It’s fresher, more seasonal and as it’s not mass-produced before being transported cross-country, it’s more nutritious. Also, in this day and age of mass production, it’s always lovely to know that something has been made with care and love.

For items which can’t be produced locally, we can at least ensure that we buy them from a local supplier. Then take a step further and ensure that it has been produced ethically.


Meet our suppliers......

expédition provenance

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Our salads & herbs. Growing @Field28 is an indoor farm in Daresbury, they use cutting edge technology to produce high quality baby leaf and microgreens. High in nutrients, full of flavour and free from pesticides and chemicals. The finest fresh product imaginable.


Our meat. Houghtons has been a family affair since 1982, an independent business started by Fred and Joyce Houghton 36 years ago it’s now run by their daughter Sylvia Johnson and her husband Terry Johnson. Awarded best butcher in the Warrington Guardians Food & Drink Awards 2018.


Our Gin. In 2018 Warrington’s own distillery, G&J Greenall’s, was awarded Gin Producer of the Year by the International Spirits Challenge, a true testament to the exceptional quality of their gin. Used in all our aperitifs. Hunters Cheshire Gin is a high quality, export strength London Dry Gin full of character – with its heart in Cheshire. Citrus overtones and a spicy fruit edge derived from apples from the Historic Norton Priory Garden’s ancient orchard, a stone’s throw away from Stockton Heath.

Our Cheese. That’s easy – it’s Cheshire, though in fact, it’s made in Lancashire (Except our Grana Padano, oh, and our Feta!) Greenfields are a small, traditional cheesemakers, based in the heart of the Lancashire countryside. A family run business with a proven award winning track record in the craft of fine traditional cheese making. From the 1930’s the family recipes have been winning prizes the length and breadth of England.


Our ice-cream. That’s easy too – only from Daresbury, just up the road. A family business, all their ice cream is handmade fresh on the farm using milk from their own cows in small artisan batches; their Strawberry ice cream is made using fruit which they puree with their own fair hands.

Most recently their Chocolate Ice cream was awarded a Gold Star at the 2017 Great Taste Awards.


Our Steak & Modern Day Monks Stout Ale pie: Jon and Jim make beer – like many a Warringtonian before them, including their Grandad. They travelled the world, working & learning, and the people they met, the beer they drank and the flavours of those places have inspired what they make today. Our steak & stout ale pie contains all those experiences, all that history plus the finest British malts, yeast and hops from around the world. And a whole lotta love from their brewery, here, in Warrington


Our vegetables. Say hello to Tod & Barbara, seen here at Kenyon Hall, Warrington, where the Bulmer family have been farming for over 500 years! They grow our wonderful vegetables, and super spuds which make our triple cooked expédition chips (steamed, blanched in beef tallow, then deep fried) & for our mash.

Finally, a bit about us. 


We are a local, independent business too. As well as priding ourselves on the provenance of our ingredients, we’re proud of our chef’s, Aaron and Dan, who bring it all together with passion, care and pride.


At upstairs@expédition, STéAK is our signature dish which we are especially proud of. Aged and matured, our chef’s expertly season and importantly chargrill to seal and flavour, leaving the meat to rest before serving. 


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Looking for a venue for a celebration? The privacy of our venue makes it perfect for birthdays, baby showers, funerals & wedding receptions.


We thrive on feedback; please let us know if anything isn’t quite right so we can make amends immediately.


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General Manager Eric 

Deputy Manager Anne

Assistant Manager James


All warmly welcome you to expédition, where we hope to take you on a journey you’ll want to return.