Doors Open 18.30


MC - Allyson June Smith

Opener - Brennan Reece

Middle - Hayley Ellis

Closing - Martin Moore

Hayley Ellis 


Brilliantly funny and a joy to watch” – Sarah Millican
“Sharp, clever and very funny” – The Sunday Post
“An original and very funny lady” – Funny Women

As heard on Absolute Radio


Martin comes from Northern Ireland, and after a successful career as a circus performer, he turned his attention on the unsuspecting comedy circuit.

With over 34 years experience as a professional performer, Martin has established himself as one of the UK’s most popular and in-demand comedians.

Martin has performed successfully at events of all description; from the Hammersmith Apollo to a show for the inmates of an Italian prison, from comedy clubs,

to performing in some of the most unique, and unusual locations.

In April 2016 Martin was part of a team that set the world record for the highest alti- tude comedy show by performing at 5,300m/17,600ft at Mount Everest basecamp.

Very much the comedian’s comedian, Martin has been the support act of choice for; Frankie Boyle, Jack Dee, Lee Evans, Jasper Carrot, Patrick Kielty, Johnny Vegas, Steve Coogan, and once Tina Turner.

Martin has made numerous appearances on radio and television.

As well as devising and performing his own BBC television show, he has written jokes for some of the biggest names in British comedy.

Martin is a specialist MC, and a regular headline act at most of the UK’s major comedy clubs, and also performs at comedy, music, and arts festivals around the world.

A truly global performer, Martin has worked throughout the known world performing his shows in Britain, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, Falkland Islands, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, Crete, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Mongolia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

Martin’s photograph is featured on the popular board game Trivial Pursuits,

(The Genus Edition). On an arts entertainments square, he is seen wearing a leotard.

Martin also performs family orientated circus shows; see for more details.

Contact: Martin can be contacted by shining a beard silhouette into the sky at night, or email:



 Martin Mor.


“A comedy institution” The Guardian

“World class” The Scotsman.

“A terrifically funny and amiable man” The Skinny.

“absolutely brilliant...hilarious at every turn”

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Uproariously funny and utterly loveable, Mor is a wonderful entertainer and provider of many insights on life”.

Three Weeks

“A bearded behemoth of comedy...mesmerising to watch”

Gulf Weekly

“If we could all live our lives more like Martin Mor, the world would be a much better, happier place”.


“Mor's likeability is as massive as the man himself”.


“Martin is the act that has influenced me the most, the UK comedy circuit would not be the same without him.”

Frankie Boyle.

“Extremely funny.”

Peter Kay.

“A very funny lad, with the best beard in the business.”

Johnny Vegas.

"This guy's great."

George Best.


 "Off beat, unusual, outrageous."

Time Out.

"Explosive visual comedian who should carry a Government health warn- ing."

City Life.

"Martin certainly is a nice genuine person, and he is hilarious."

The Irish World.

"The comic least likely to be heckled."

The Irish Post.

"The gem was the improvisational skills of Martin Mor...

sneerlessly enjoying those present almost as much as we enjoyed him." The stage.

"He wore us out with laughter ... Irrepressible exuberance."

The Scotsman.

"Deadly eejitness." The Herald.

“An adorable master of feel good comedy”

Clothesline, Magazine Australia.